Kiwanis Club hosts House lunch and lecture

John House addresses members of the Dougherty County Kiwanis Club. / Jessica Fairley

Georgia's District 2 Congressional Candidate John House accepted an invitation to address the Dougherty County Kiwanis Club Monday afternoon.

The Republican candidate says making an appearance at the luncheon gave him an opportunity to introduce himself to city leaders and fill them in on his plan if he's elected to office in November.

House says in the upcoming year jobs and federal regulation is his top priority.

He says southwest Georgia needs more job creation.

"All those things that all of us wants to do really are enabled by having a job and so that's really what I intend to work on and trying to get congress moving in the right direction to try and improve the economic environment in America, and in particular for me southwest Georgia," says District 2 Republican Congressional Candidate John House .

House says he's been working with the people of our area to get input as to what changes they would like to see within the next year.