Kitten tossers still under investigation by Albany police

Gavino Murillo / Dougherty County Jail

Albany police say that a witness observed someone toss at least two black and white kittens out of a 2005 Ford F-150 on the Liberty Expressway at Jefferson Street. The report say that the kittens hit the highway and rolled down the embankment. Animal Control and the officer searched for the kittens, but were unsucessful in finding them.

According to investigators, they say the Ford F-150 belonged to a woman who was in the process of selling the vehicle to Gavino Murillo.

Murillo has been charged in this case with obstruction because he misled officers about his whereabout when he was contacted to obtain information about the truck.

Investigators say that neither Murillo or Miller were in the truck at the time of the incident.

Police say there are charges pending against Murillo's two sisters, Sandy and Lynn Miller. The initial investigation has revealed that Sandy was driving and that Lynn was in the passenger seat. The witness states seeing the kittens thrown from the passenger side of the truck. This case remains under investigation.

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