Killing snakes in your home could get you hurt

Specialists say do not try to kill a snake that is in your home; they say that's how people get hurt / File

Imagine coming home to find a snake in your house.

In our Facebook Story of the Day viewers wanted to know what to do if it happens to them.

Local exterminators say the worst thing to do is try to catch it or kill it because they say that's when people get hurt. Exterminators say to isolate the snake in an area and contact a wildlife specialist.

"We've got snake tongs and we're familiar with a lot of the different species and types. We just pick them up and remove them, take them to a wooded area and release them," says Roy Varner with Flint Pest and Termite Service.

They say if possible, identify whether the snake is poisonous or non-poisonous. Specialists say a venomous snake will most likely have narrow cat-like eyes, a triangular head and a short, thick body.

Specialists say if you have snakes in or around your house, you most likely have a rodent problem, which is what snakes feed on.

If you find a snake in your home, Varner says his business will remove them or you can contact local wildlife specialists, including Beck's Wildlife Service at (229) 343-1503 or All Pro Wildlife Service at (229) 443-0281.

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