Kids learn safety tips for swimming during spring break

Photo Credit: Rheya Spigner

16 students of St. Teresa's school got some safety tips on what to do in and around water for spring break.

The students are a part of a youth program called SPLASH and was developed to teach kids how to swim and learn safety in order to prevent drowning. The students walk every Wednesday and Friday from St. Teresa's to the YMCA to learn from 12 to 12:30 p.m.

According to the YMCA, 830 kids under the age of 14 die as a result of drowning. Of those, 89 percent of them occur during the summer months of May through August, and male children are said to have a higher drowning rate.

Aquatics Director Jeff DeMott said the kids are in their third week of swimming and safety lessons so while they're having fun they can also learn the importance of safety.

The emphasis today was Spring Break. DeMott told the students to be cautious in open water, to not go toward water that goes above their head and to keep the same decorum of rules around water as they would in a swimming pool, even if there aren't any signs.

One nine-year-old student says he's glad him and his friends are learning how to swim and how to be safe.

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