Kids get hands-on practice escaping from houses

Photo Credit: Todd Bailey

Each year, the Albany Fire Department sets up a Fire Safety House for several schools in the city.

Firefighters went to the International Studies Elementary Charter School early Tuesday morning.

For the department, it was opportunity to interact with children in their communities on the subject matter of fire.

Lerkeesha Jackson, second grade teacher at International Studies Elementary, says "the kids just really love the program. There are tremendous benefits of the program; it teaches the kids what to do in case of a fire at home, so it makes a perfect opportunity for practice."

The prevention teams spoke specifically about fires igniting on a hot stove, in electrical outlets, and on the importance of smoke detectors.

"Hopefully we make an impression on the children that is going to last with them for a long time, so that when an emergency occurs they instinctively react instead of being confused and not knowing what to do" says Albany Fire Safety Inspector Daniel Harden.

Harden also says that many of the students have not been exposed to this type of hands training, so it can be very helpful to allowing kids to generate a conversation within their household.

Today was just first of many stops for elementary schools students around the area.

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