Kids get grinched at Riverquarium

Riverquarium greets Santa and plays "Grinch Stole Christmas." / From file

Kids at the Flint Riverquarium were also having a blast today as they spent the morning eating breakfast and watching a movie with Santa.

Everyone at the event was given the opportunity to take pictures with the jolly old fellow, tour the aquarium, plus watch the classic animated Christmas film, "The Grinch Stole Christmas."

Event coordinator, Vicki Churchman, says it's a small activity that leaves kids and parents with great memories.

"Well it's important for children to have opportunities to come out and see the aquarium, visit the Santa, parents have the opportunity to take their kids and give them something special, and we try to keep it reasonably priced so they can do that," said Churchman.

And that pricetag stands at $15 dollars per child which paid for the entire day's worth of fun.

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