Kids 'Dribble, Dish and Swish' in competition

One of the basketballs is going around the rim. / Sarah Bleau

It's a basketball competition the organizers say kids look forward to every year.

The NBA-WNBA's Dribble, Dish and Swish event is being brought to Albany through the Recreation and Parks Department. Youth ages seven through 12 honed their basketball skills during timed drills. They also learned skills beyond the technical aspects.

"Learning to work together, learning to rely on each other because as you know basketball is a team sport and we cannot play it alone so they learn to depend on each other," says Supervisor Gloria Bridges.

Tuesday was the event kick off of the local level in Albany at the Thornton Community Center where seven kids from the facility competed.

The kid who wins from Albany will move to the region level and maybe even the state and national level.

The local level of the Dribble, Dish and Swish competition will continue at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday at the Bill Miller Community Center and Friday at Lockett Station Community Center at 4:30. For more information contact Deborah Crenshaw at (229) 430-5240.