Kids crazy about fire prevention

Clowns greet kids at the 17th annual Kid's Fire Safety Day / Ashley Knight

It's a 17-year tradition.

"Some of the kids here today, their parents may have attended 17 years ago, they go from kindergarten to second grade," says Fire Chief James Carswell.

And they're not using actors, but firemen, who may seem at first a little hesitant.

"Once you get out there, it seems to all disappear and the kids just, those big smiles on their faces just really makes it worthwhile," says Senior Firefighter Jennifer Jackson.

This year, they're changing up the formula a bit, moving more towards live-action entertainment.

"In the years past we did a lot more puppets, this year it's more clowns, more skits, they've been building props for months to do the show today," adds Chief Carswell.

And this is the only event of its kind in the entire state. And they expect a big turnout--over 4,00 students.

"We seem to be expanding quite quickly!" says Jackson.

Hoping to put an entertaining light on a serious subject.

"Unfortunately the time when we see the kids is when there's a bad situation going on and it really does, it really gets to us," adds Jackson.

"If we can entertain them while we give them a message, they take it with them and take it back home and talk about it," says Carswell.

Sharing that message with all of southwest Georgia.

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