Kids camp eases diabetic fears

Photo Credit: Jessica Fairley

During the summer a lot of kids like to sit at home and watch T.V., but Phoebe and the YMCA are teaming up to make diabetic kids get active and educated.

The 'Kidz with Diabetes' camp is being held all this week at the YMCA.

Children ranging from age 6 to 14 are learning about weight management, healthy eating, and how their choices affect their diabetes.

Before they hit the playground, the students also learned how to check their blood glucose level.

"Some of them have pre-diabetes. So we're trying to make them more aware of what diabetes is and how to prevent it. Then the ones that do have it, we're trying to make their lives a little easy on how to manage that and their parents," says Daphne Courts, Registered Nurse and Diabetes Nurse Educator for Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital.

She says it's important for children with diabetes to know they're just like other kids and can play and have fun too.

The summer camp will go on through the remainder of the week.