Kids bite back at mosquitoes

Donell teaches children about mosquitoes and the threats they pose. / Matt Prichard

Public works manager Donell Mathis does numerous things to keep Dougherty County safe from mosquitoes. From inspections, to studying the habits of mosquitoes, Mathis is in a constant battle against these winged pests. On Wednesday afternoon, Mathis spent time educating the younger members of Dougherty County on how to combat mosquitoes.

With a classroom full of eager young students, Mathis broke down the different ways mosquitoes repopulate and can harm human beings.

"Keep themselves as safe as possible, avoid being outside when the mosquitoes are active, and if they are, to have the parents put them on some kind of repellent," said Mathis.

Mathis elaborated that children are more susceptible to be harmed by mosquitoes. With it being the middle of summer, children are outside becoming perfect targets for these pests. And with July being one of the key mosquito breeding months, it is vital to keep your children inside, or wearing repellent.

However, these programs are more than just information sessions; they're something Mathis truly enjoys doing.

"I enjoy interacting with the kids, in the mosquito control areas, and I'm sure the kids are glad to have me," said Mathis.

As the summer continues, be aware of standing water on your property and make sure that your children are kept safe from the summertime pests.

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