Kids and teens on base have summer fun

Fun times at the foosball table / Romney Smith

The Youth and Teen Center at the Marine Corps Logistics Base provides unique programs for young people ages 9-18 and camper Jose Greathouse says he loves it. "It's real fun and it gives me something to do during the day instead of just being home and bored" says Greathouse.

Campers are definitely not bored as they have a lot of opportunities, including some kind of physical activity like baseball every day. Youth and Teen Center Director Michelle Ramos says being active isn't just for fun, it's also to start a particular trend. "We do want them to move and at least be active for 60 minutes a day so then that way they hopefully set healthy habits now that they will hopefully carry through the rest of their life" says Ramos.

They also have arts and crafts time everyday where campers do everything from drawing, to painting, to creating one of a kind pieces to explore their creative side. Even the older campers who sometimes have a tendency to want to hang out all day get active in all areas of the MCLB's youth and teen center. "I go outside, play with the kids, I do arts and crafts, I do sometimes school work if it's happened on the computer, I do pretty much everything" says 15-year-old Derricka Calhoun.

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