Kid carwashes breaking the law

Sprinklers used to water a lawn in Albany. / Jessica Fairley

As the weather heats up, more people are starting to turn on their sprinkler systems to water their yards and officials are asking everyone to remember the county's water restrictions: no watering before 10:00 a.m. or after 4:00 p.m.

"If you're on a private well, you can use water whenever you want or if you have a vegetable garden you can water it as needed," says Lori Farkas, Asst. General Manager for the Albany Water, Gas and Light Commission.

For those who've just completed a new landscaping project, there's a one month grace period to use as much water as needed. Officials say many people often forget the permanent water restrictions, but they ask that you keep them in mind.

"I drive around town and I see a lot of car washes. I know that it's a great way for high schools, kids and churches to raise money but they're really not supposed to be using water during the day," says Lori Farkas.

If you forget the restrictions, just remember that violations could result in a fine.

The Georgia Forestry Commission is also asking homeowners to take precautions when burning items outside their home.

Once started, a brush fire can take days to die out and although there is no current burns advisories, the Georgia Forestry Commission is asking those who have a permit to burn to do so carefully.

"Rake around it and get some sort of a small fire break and just have a hose out there if you can and make sure somebody's out there at all times," says Tommy Young, Georgia Forestry Commission Ranger.

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