Keep your car and home safe during Spring Break

Families and students plan ahead for their Spring Break plans, but do they plan ahead for car and home safety?

According to officials, there are a few options for keeping homes safe while away on vacation.

People should let their neighbors know they are going out of town, so they can keep an eye out on the house. Neighbors can also get the mail, so it doesn't seem like no one is home. Leaving a light on may feel like a waste of money, but it is encouraged since it gives the illusion that someone is at the house.

Many people don't check their cars before taking a trip, which could lead to problems on a long journey. Drivers should take their car to their mechanic for check up on the engine, tires, breaks and more, according to experts.

Officials encourage spring breakers to not post their location or how long they are going to be out of town on social media. That can draw attention to followers, letting them know that they aren't home.

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