Juvenile violent crimes down for summer

Officials say juvenile violent crimes are down. / Jessica Fairley

The Albany Police Department and the Dougherty County Sheriff's Department said this summer has seen a decrease in crime amongst teens. They said violent crimes made took the biggest drop.

Back in may Albany's gang unit made it clear they were serious about keeping the streets clean. They said as the temperatures rise, so does crime, and so they got ready.

"The Albany Police Department has increased patrols and put on different operations throughout the summer," said Albany Police Department Gang Unit Lieutenant Tony Moore.

Lieutenant Moore said so far this strategy has worked.

"Crime dealing with juveniles is well under 25 percent so there has been a significant amount of decrease," said Lieutenant Tony Moore.

Captain Craig J. Dodd with the Dougherty County Sheriff's Department said law enforcement measures have taken a toll on violent crimes, but property crimes are about the same.

"Where it's been effective in violent crimes, it's been less effective on property crimes," said Dougherty County Sheriff's Department Captain Craig Dodd.

The Albany Police department and Dougherty County Sheriff's Department said it's their summer programs that helped with the decrease. They said talking to kids was a good start.

"We had some significant matter of activities for kids to do to keep them out of crime," said Moore.

He said the gang unit spent time talking to youths in high crime areas to make sure they stayed out of trouble.