Judging contracts on commission agenda

Commissioners discuss judge contracts for the coming year. / Matt Prichard

Dougherty County commissioners met briefly Monday morning, covering contracts for new superior, and state judges inside the county.

"The two contracts that the judges sent over, was to approve the probation services to be contracted out to the judicial alternatives of Georgia," said County Administrator, Richard Crowdis.

Each judge put into place, must serve under a "probationary" period, and have that agreement reviewed by the commission after the judges themselves approve the contract.

"That's what we're doing now, is ya know those two agreements, approved by the governing authority, which is the county commission, which are recommended for approval by both judges," said Crowdis.

And Crowdis says this is a new process for the commission being that they haven't reviewed these contracts since the early 2000's.

"The last contract we signed was in 2000 with Judge Gray, so we did need to sign a new contract with Judge lockett as Chief Judge," said Crowdis.

The commission will meet again next Monday at 10:00 AM to vote on the proposed contracts.