Judge Weaver's wife asks that charges against him be dropped

Vester Weaver, wife of Albany Municipal Court Judge Willie Weaver, is coming to her husband's defense.

She was at a press conference Monday, along with Pastor Loretta Boges and Reverend James Bush.

They all say that Judge Willie Weaver is a good man and needs to be allowed to return to his family.

My husband did not hit me, nor has he ever hit me, said Vester Weaver.

Vester Weaver testifying to the media. Friends and family rally around her as she pleads for a stay away order to be dropped against her husband, Judge Willie C. Weaver.

I never requested this order and I wish to have this order removed so that my husband and I can live together to take care of our small children, said Vester.

I know Willie Weaver Senior. Willie has demonstrated that he is an honorable and giving man, said Pastor Loretta Boges.

Other supporters talked about Judge Weaver's accomplishments and services to Dougherty County, such as serving on the school board and sponsoring a back to school picnic that gave out free school supplies.

We were not allowed to talk with Miss Weaver one-on-one, she said she called this press conference today because of her general mistrust of the media, saying she wanted to get the facts straight, saying her husband, Willie Weaver did not, in fact, strike her with a beer bottle.

She has been forced to learn that sometimes you hear things in the media that are not really based on the truth, said Rev. James Bush.

Some people simply cannot stand to see a hard working man who takes care of his wife and his children and supports his community, well, they just can't stand to see him do well, said Boges

Vester Weaver said her husband did not hit her, nor has he ever hit her, but according to police records filed by Weaver, she says he has hit her at least one to five times in the past. Fox 31 News has called the prosecution in this case, Cordele District Attorney Denise Fachini, but she has yet to return our phone calls.