Johnson attorney speaks on case significance

Benjamin Crump speaks about he Kendrick Johnson Case. / Jessica Fairley

The story of Kendrick Johnson is heating up as the family has just filed a lawsuit against the funeral home that allegedly stuffed his body.

Benjamin Crump, the Attorney for the Johnson family, made a stop at the Albany Civil Rights Institute Thursday night and to talk with the community about the Case.

It was a packed house as people are still yearning for the truth.

Hot on the trails of Black History Month, two new faces have become a part of black culture.

"Trayvon Martin and the case of Kendrick Johnson are historic and just like the case of Emmett Till 50 years ago. It galvanizes you to take a stand," said Benjamin Crump, Attorney.

Although the Trayvon Martin case is closed, the Johnson family is still fighting for the truth. They've filed a lawsuit against the funeral home that allegedly stuffed their son's body with newspaper.

"Those valuable organs inside his body would have presented us valuable evidence as to what happened to him," said Benjamin Crump.

He said Kendrick Johnson's family is prepared to go as far as they have to until know the real reason of how and why he died.

"One thing they know without a shadow of a doubt, their son did not climb up into a wrestling mat and get stuck and die. That flies in the face of all common sense," said Crump.

During the month of February, people tend to brush up on their black history, but Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards said cases like the Trayvon Martin and Kendrick Johnson's should also prompt people to learn the law.

"It alerts us all that is African Americans and all Americans to the notion that we should all be engaged in the criminal justice system. We should be aware of what's going on," said Greg Edwards, Dougherty County D.A.

Benjamin Crump plans to be with both families in Miami, Florida for the Peace Walk and the 2nd Annual Observance of Trayvon Martin's Birthday.

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