Jobs down in Georgia, up in Albany

Participants at the job fair learn what opportunities are available. / Allen Carter

New job numbers bring more bad news for the state. 10.3 percent of Georgians are now unemployed. That's the highest since the beginning of the year.

In this economy, jobs can be hard to come by. But Thursday morning at Albany Tech there were dozens of employers with positions waiting to be filled.

"We hope that by attending this annual career fair, that our students are allowed to network with employers in the site where they are most comfortable, here on campus," said Judy Jimmerson of Albany Tech.

"I can wait until I graduate, but right I'm trying to be a step ahead of the game," said student Romie Jenkins.

Nicholas Streeter is one of those students looking to capitalize.

"Right now I am looking for an opportunity. I'm looking for a job in the electrician field," said Streeter.

And opportunity may come knocking. New statistics show that Albany is one of the few places hiring in Georgia, adding more than 400 new positions in September.

Officials at Albany Tech say it's less about what's out there but more about who's looking.

"We here from employers almost on a daily basis seeking students that meet their skills needs and we know that the jobs are out there. It's just a matter of if job seekers are persistent in going out looking for those positions," said Jimmerson.

One of the employers on the hunt today was the Dougherty County Sheriff's Department. They have six positions they need to fill.

"These students that are coming to us are job ready and that's what we really appreciate it," said Sabrina Lewis of the Sheriff's Department.

And even with ten-percent plus unemployment in Georgia, students seem to be confident.

"It is a little tough, but if you keep looking I know there are some jobs that are opening," said Obidina Johnson.

"If you work real hard to try to find something, then you will find something," said Streeter.