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      Jefferson Street interchange project explained

      Georgia Department of Transportation officials explained the Jefferson Street interchange project to commissioners during their Tuesday morning meeting and to concerned residents during a special meeting later that night.

      A temporary light will be placed at the end of the westbound off-ramp that directs drivers north on Jefferson Street. This light will allow drivers to travel either north or south, and some residents say they believe this could become a problem.

      "That's not going to work there because people are going to try and come down North Jefferson usually running about 35-40 miles an hour and somebody that crosses that lane, they're going to get nailed," said Kenneth Lessard. With the light in place, commuters will no longer have to circle around to head south on Jefferson Street and the loop around clover off-ramp will be closed. This is the westbound ramp that currently allows drivers to head south on Jefferson Street.

      G-DOT officials say during the project, at least one lane traveling in each direction will remain open, though they won't close lanes during the busiest commuter times. Access to local businesses and homes will also remain open so no one will be inconvenienced or lose revenue.The project is expected to take two and a half years to complete with the completion date set for December 2015.Oxford Construction Company will complete the project.

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