Jaws of life receives upgrade

Albany Fire officials purchase new "jaws of life" equipment for $400,000 dollars. / From file

The Albany Fire Department has bought $400,000 dollars worth of new equipment that could help save your life.

The department purchased new "Jaws of Life" equipment, that will reportedly help rescue teams get the car accident victims quicker.

With the department having used an out-of-date system for quite some time, officials say these new machines are well worth the cost.

"Albany had the equipment, and Albany has always had equipment, but the vehicle technology is constantly changing and the technology just would not meet the challenges of the modern day vehicle, so they did some research and found that this system would be best for them," said rescue-toll specialist, Robert Joyner.

The entire department will be required to go through training on the new system to ensure it can be used correctly, and to its full potential.

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