January showers may not bring many flowers

Experts say the weekend rain isn't enough to quench the soil's thirst / Sarah Bleau

With the rain Southwest Georgia saw this weekend is any of it helping our drought condition?

An expert at the Flint River Water Planning and Policy Center says we are "still very much in a drought." Mark Masters, Director of Projects, says the La Nina system in the Pacific Ocean is causing dry conditions during the rainy season or "winter recharge" months.

He says the less than two inches we received over the weekend is not enough to make up for the dry weather.

"Even with the recent rains we're still looking at well below average groundwater levels, below average stream flow conditions so we need to see these types of events come rather often to try to break us out of this drought cycle," says Masters.

He says NOAA is forecasting a below average rainfall and above average temperatures through mid-April, meaning it's unlikely Southwest Georgia will see a drought breaker soon.