Jail phone system could provide better customer service

A new automated phone system could answer the public's questions and free up jail staff to perform other duties / File

The Dougherty County Jail is requesting room in the budget for an automated phone system that will help improve efficiency.

Col. John Ostrander with the jail spoke to the Dougherty County Finance Committee about the proposal.

The system would answer questions the public may have about an inmate, such as charges, court dates or release dates.

Answering these questions takes the jail staff in housing away from performing other security-related tasks.

"So they could focus more on the security related issues and less on administration issues. So we see it as a win-win," says Col. Ostrander.

Ostrander says eliminating one full time position would pay for the service.

They can have it up by January first if approved.

The first 60 days are free, after that it would cost $8,400 for the rest of the fiscal year.

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