Jail inmate finds surprise when returning home

A Moultrie man returned from a month-long jail stay Wednesday to find a surprise at his home.

Bertran Aguilar, who lives on Bert Horne Avenue, reported a man he knows attacked him with a knife shortly after returning home.

The man was staying inside his home during the month he was in jail. An investigation by the Colquitt County Sheriff's Department showed there was no evidence indicating Aguilar was assaulted.

Sheriff's Investigator Chris Robinson said Aguilar had holes in his shirt and scratches.

Jimmy Patterson manages a nearby auto repair shop and says he's lived in the area for 45 years and he's surprised to hear about what happened.

"I've lived here in this neighborhood my whole life," Patterson said. "On this street or South Boulevard, that's the first time anything like this has ever happened."

Sheriff's investigators say they've determined there was no physical evidence to determine an incident occurred.

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