Jail Diary Part Two

An empty jail cell

Jail Diary Part Two â" Inmates question me

  • Are you part white?
    • Yes â" does that matter? They say yes and explain how they need to know if I'm for "us or them". I ask them to explain more and they say they need to know if I'm on the black or white side while behind bars. The inmate next to me is Hispanicâ|I ask what side she's on. She says behind bars if you're not white â" your black.
  • Is that your real hair? Can I touch it?
    • Yes, this is all my real hair, no you cannot touch it.
  • Are you a bull dagger (lesbian)?
    • No
  • How many kids do you have?
    • None

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  • What are you in for?
    • Writing bad checks
  • Your prettyâ|do you have Botox?
    • Thank you, and no.
  • Where do you live?
    • Albany
  • What school did you go to? Doesn't seem like you're from Albany.
    • I'm from Cobb County Georgia
  • Why aren't you marriedâ|what's wrong with you?
    • Nothing is wrong with me. I haven't met the right guy that I want to spend the rest of my life with.
  • Can I have your dinner? New girls never eat their dinner.
    • I'm going to try to eat my sandwich.
  • Are you a Christian?
    • Yes
  • Do you smoke?
    • No
  • Are you sure you're straight? You're 27 and have no kidsâ|you clearly aren't having sex with men so you must be gay. You sure you're not gay?
    • Yes I'm sure I'm not gay! Why do you think I'm gay? Inmate says: "Because where we come from everyone is having sex so girls get pregnant and have a baby usually before they're 18. So if you don't have a kid and your getting old that means you haven't been having sex with men so you're obviously having sex with women.
  • Who's putting money on your books?
    • No one
  • Who's on your list of visitors?
    • No one
  • Will you pray for me?
    • What would you like me to pray for specifically? She answers that this is her last time in jail. I say sure.
  • Are you an undercover cop?
    • No! I swear to you I don't work for the APD, ADDU, Sheriff's Department, Jail, or any law enforcement agency! Why do you think I do? One says because I don't look like typical inmate.
  • I think I have a crush on you, do you like me?
    • I don't know you â" and for the last time I'm not a lesbian.
  • Have you ever traveled outside of Albany?
    • Yesâ|I've been to multiple states and a few foreign countries
  • How much schooling do you have?
    • I went to college. (I specifically held back that I have a master's degree)
  • You ever killed anyone?
    • Nope, and I hope I never have to.
  • Are you pregnant?
    • Nope, why do I look fat?!? (they laugh) I don't get it! First you think I'm a lesbian and now you think I'm pregnant! (they laugh)
  • How many tattoos do you have?
    • None

It was incredibly interesting to hear the questions and see how they responded to my answers. They were really stuck on the fact that I'm 27-years-old, have never been married, and have no children. That alone they thought qualified me to be a lesbian. They explained that straight girls from their neighborhoods had multiple children by the time they were my age. I explained I can't afford a child, and I prefer to get married first and they laughed at me.

I changed some of the language in the question section because some of the inmates had what most could consider an extremely vulgar vocabulary.