Jail Diary Part Three

Inmates in the Dougherty County Jail "G-Block"

Romney's Jail Diary Part Two - Abuse

I spoke with six inmates who had all been sexually abused as a child, raped multiple times, and prostituted themselves out at one point in time.

They joke about the sexual abuse because it's so common. They were abused by fathers, uncles, their mother's boyfriends, and babysitters. At that young age the girls say their self esteem was deeply hurt and they also realized that their bodies could be a source of "power and income" as one inmate said.

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Later in life they all prostituted themselves out for money and/or drugs. They talk about some of the sexual acts they had to perform while prostituting. Most of them say they stuck to men, but two admit to being with women for money, and one admits to accepting money for a man to witness her engage in an act of bestiality with his dog while he masturbated. One said her mother was a prostitute and her mom taught her how to give a man oral sex so she could be successful on the street.

At one point they begin to question me about my sexual past and history. Lashonda* says I could make a lot of money trickin' (prostituting) myself on Highland Avenue because I'm so pretty. They compare and contrast sexual encounters and a lot of it blows my mind.

When they discuss being raped they take on a more serious tone. A couple of them have been raped at gunpoint. One has been raped by multiple men at once. They say it comes with the territory of being a prostitute. "Some men will take advantage of you just because you're on the street" says Marissa Calhoun*. One was raped by her mother's boyfriend when she was a freshman in high school. He told her he was "teaching her how to be a good ho" for when she started working the street.

The inmates say they had to disconnect their physical body from the emotional or mental part of it. They knew they were at risk for being raped and a lot of them say as it happened they tried to focus on something else and pray they weren't also beat up in the process. Most agree that they are over it because they try not to think about it. "It's over, why think about it? It was painful, but its whatever â" it's just like that when you run the streets".