Jacksonville teens lend a hand around Albany

The Beach Methodist Church in Jacksonville Florida has spent the last several days serving and cleaning the city of Albany. Wednesday, the students spent their time at the Second Harvest Food Bank, putting together care packages for impoverished families.

"It does mean a lot to me, to me it means I can help someone less fortunate than I, and to help someone like that, it really brings a great feeling to me," said student Christian Bowlus.

With each care package containing a week's worth of food, the students are certainly making a tremendous impact in the Southwest Georgia community.

However leaders of the group say that this experience is not only beneficial to the city, it also benefits the students.

"We come from the beach. So it's simple for our students to just go to the beach, surf and chill, and kind of let the world go by. But we want them to have this experience of being able to come out, to give of themselves, to give of their time, their effort, their money, and serve people who are in need," said Pastor Chris Peltz.

The care packages continued to stack up throughout the day as the students put their heart and soul into providing those less fortunate with food, water, and hope.