Ivey Hines sworn into commission board

Ivey Hines gets sworn-in by Albany Municipal Court Judge Willie Weaver. / Jessica Fairley

In spite of having a lawsuit filed to contest election results, the Albany Board of Commissioners is declaring Ivey Hines as the Ward 2 Commissioner.

Hines, along with his family, showed up for the swearing-in at the downtown Government Center.

Albany Municipal Court Judge Willie Weaver robed himself for the honor and for the first time Reverend Hines sat among the commission board.

"It felt wonderful. The election has been certified by the appropriate authorities. I have been declared the winner. So once I was declared the winner, the election was over," said Albany Ward 2 Commissioner Ivey Hines.

While Hines celebrated his victory, Melissa Strother attended the ceremony in support of her case.

"I just want to make sure that the people's votes were heard and that the representation that we do end up with is the one that the people voted for." said Former Ward 2 Commission Candidate Melissa Strother.

Although officials say Tuesday night's actions are not final because of legal actions filed by Strother, they must move forward.

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