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      It might be time to renew your license

      For Georgia residents if you look down at your drivers license and don TMt see a gold star in the top right corner, it's time to renew it.

      It's required that Georgia licenses are renewed every two years to be able to legally drive on the road. In order to renew your license you need one form of identity, one form of social security and two forms for proof of residency. For some women additional paper work may be required.

      Public Information Officer, Susan Sports with DDS said, Customers that have married and taken their husbands name, that is a legal name change, so if their drivers license is in a different name than their birth certificate they will need to bring their marriage certificate in. Sports adds for those who have a suspended license getting it cleared can be as easy as going to the DDS website and saving you a trip to the office.

      Additionally, starting New Years Day 2014, non-citizens of the U.S. are able to now get a temporary driver I.D. in Georgia. For more information go to

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