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      Is your identity missing?

      Chances are if your car, TV, or computer were stolen, you would notice pretty quickly, but what about your identity?

      "Identity theft or credit card theft can occur without you knowing it," said Detective Catoa Baldwin, of the Albany police department.

      Detective Baldwin, says both identity and credit card theft is very common, and that there are certain steps you can take to ensure both are safe, like requesting a credit report and keeping an eye on your bank statements. To help keep your credit card numbers safe when shopping online, experts recommend sticking to secure well known websites.

      For those of you who choice to head to an actual store and use cash, well that money isn't safe from fraud ether. Detective Baldwin says counterfeit bills become more common around the holidays.

      If you feel you Identity, or credit card theft, or have counterfeit bills, alerts the police, and your bank immediately.

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