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      Is your child safe in your car?

      Along with drinking and driving, texting and driving, and aggressive driving, Georgia State Patrol troopers and other law enforcement officials are out in full force this holiday weekend making sure parents have the proper child restraints in their cars.

      Sgt. Brian Gay with GSP Post 13 in Tifton says they do find parents driving around with improper child restraints and car seats hooked up the wrong way. Law enforcement officials told FOX 31 they make it a point to show the parents how the car seat is supposed to look in the car.

      FOX 31 spoke to several parents today who all said they fully understand the need for car seats and so do their children. One parent says he wouldn't feel safe himself if his child wasn't secured in a child seat in the back. Another parent said while it does take a little extra time to put it in the car and put the child in the seat, the time spent is worth it.

      According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration you should keep your child in a rear-facing car seat for as long as possible because those are the best way to keep children safe. When they're too big for those or they reach the age of four they should be in a forward-facing seat with a hardness until they reach the height or weight limit. After that and until age twelve the child should be in a booster seat until they fit in a seat belt properly. Even at and after age 12 they reccomend that your child still sit in the back seat.

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