Is Phoebe North moving forward?

According to the Albany Herald, the merger between Phoebe North and Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital was completed however the Federal Trade Commission is saying otherwise.

The FTC is saying that the proposed agreement was never approved in August 2013. FTC Commissioner Julie Brill said in MLEX article that "Phoebe is not done yetâ| It's a proposed order and it's being finalized."

A settlement between Phoebe, the Hospital Authority and FTC stated the HA would have ownership of the Palmyra Medical Center that it purchased from HCA for $195 million. Phoebe would lease and manage the center named Phoebe North while agreeing to consider Certificate of Need (CON) applications for a hospital in Mitchell County and Albany. This agreement would last five years, additionally Phoebe would not make certain acquisitions in six counties for the next ten years without first letting the FTC know.

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital Vice President and General Counsel Thomas S. Chambless released the following statement; "As far as Phoebe and the Authority are concerned, the matter was resolved appropriately last August based on standing law and precedent, which the Federal Trade Commission recognized in its analysis at the time. We anticipate a final order consistent with the earlier order. In the meantime, Phoebe has not wavered in its planning for the utilization of the North Campus which is designed to enhance the delivery of healthcare for the community we serve."