Is it worth being a county commissioner?

Dougherty County Commissioners salary might surprise you. / Sean Streicher

Maintaining roads, setting budgets, and collecting taxes, these are just a few things a Dougherty County commissioner is responsible for overseeing.

For their time, each of the six commissioners receive a base salary is $800 a month, the chairman, who is the seventh commissioner at large, collects $900 a month.

In addition to the base salary state law requires them to receive additional benefits for longevity and certifications, which makes the average salary just under $11,000 a year.

County commissioners are elected officials. We spoke with some residents of Dougherty County, to see if they feel the people they put in office are being fairly compensated.

While some of the people we spoke with felt they are paid the correct amount others felt they are being over paid.

However, the majority of the people we spoke with agreed with, Constance Green, who said, "I think (with) the amount of work that they do ... and the decision they have to make for the families here, I really think that we should come together and give more support to them."

The commissioners actually decide their own salary, but they haven't given themselves a pay raise in years.

If commissioners decide to raise their pay, state law does not permit the new salary to go into effect until the following year, which give the public ample time to vote someone else into office, if they don't feel the commissioner deserves the increase in pay.