Is cast iron cooking good for your blood?

Woman gives blood at the American Red Cross Blood Center on Dawson Road. / Jessica Fairley

Next Tuesday FOX 31 will hold a blood drive at the studio on Stuart Avenue.

For those who want to donate but don't know if their blood has enough iron, there are some things that can be done to increase iron levels.

People can cook with a cast iron skillet so that the food absorbs some of the iron from the pot.

Officials with the American Red Cross say another good tip is to eat foods rich in vitamin "c" with foods rich in iron.

Vitamin "c" helps the body absorb the nutrients.

Iron rich foods include red meat, dried beans, and whole grain breads and cereals.

While trying to build up iron in the blood, officials say it's best to strive for a balance menu.

"Make sure they eat a healthy balanced meal, a meal loaded with a lot of protein, dark green veggies and vitamin c and also continue to drink four to eight glasses of water a day. Those are things they can do to improve their iron," said Lena Thomas, Albany Red Cross Blood Center Team Supervisor.

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