Is bicycling safe in Albany?

Cyclists hope more bike lanes will be made throughout the city

Albany has a large cycling community. which may make you think there are a large number of resources for them. But it seems that's not the case. Cyclists only know of one bike lane in Albany and its on Gillionville Road. But they say the lane doesn't really lead to or from anywhere.

So to make up for the lack of lanes, many cyclists head to the outskirts of town.

Gene Kirk is the owner of Breakaway Cycle. He says cyclists who stay on the busy paved roads need to know what rules to follow. And whether you bike in the country or just around town, Kirk says the most important thing is to make sure you're seen. "Blinking light that goes on the back of your bike which is worth its weight in gold as far as safety goes. Because you want to make sure you're being seen especially if you're riding in the morning or afternoon," says Kirk.

Two years ago George Houston was riding his bike down Whispering Pines Road when he was hit by a car. "Just riding through a light residential area and the car didn't see me and she just hit me. I mean it was an accident and everything was just fine," says Houston.

Houston says more bicycle lanes are needed to keep cyclists safe. He says it's hard to get around the city safely. Cyclists are hoping more connecting paths will be made throughout the city. Do you think it's safe riding on your bicycle through Albany?