Investigators subpoena multiple records in identity thefts

Photo Credit: File

In our Facebook Story of the Day, you the viewers wanted to know what to do if your identity has been stolen.

Identity theft experts say to contact the Federal Trade Commission to report the incident. Dougherty County police say the main thing to do is contact local law enforcement.

"Of course we can subpoena the bank information, and they can tell us, say if something was ordered online, they can tell us where the merchandise was sent to, we can also subpoena the place where the order was made," says Sgt. Chad Kirkpatrick with DCP.

He says the department also recommends checking your credit report regularly for suspicious activity. If something is off they say report it to the credit bureau as well as to local police.

Kirkpatrick with DCP says to prevent being an identity theft victim, shred your important documents, don't give out personal information and switch to paperless billing.

DCP says they do see cases of identity theft on a regular basis in Dougherty County.