Investigation looking into death of 7-week-old

The Child Death Team is investigation the death of an infant at Rivercrest Apartments

Updated Thursday, June 30 at 5:50 p.m.

Preliminary autopsy results from a seven-week-old boy who was found dead yesterday are released.

According to Child Death Team Investigator Greg Blackmon, the preliminary autopsy came back normal and shows no sign of trauma. He says more tests are being run because they cannot determine a cause of death at this time.

Yesterday the mother was sleeping with the infant and awoke to find the seven-week-old not breathing. Blackmon says the boy was pronounced dead when EMS arrived at the apartment on 525 Don Culter, Sr. Drive.

Original Story

The child death team is investigating the death of a 7-week-old baby boy at an apartment at 525 Don Cutler, Sr. Drive.

Investigator Greg Blackmon says the infant was sleeping in a bed with the mother. He says the mother woke up to find that her son was not breathing. Blackmon says a neighbor made the emergency call, and the child was dead when EMS arrived on the scene.

He says autopsy results should be ready in the morning.

Blackmon says he cannot determine if the 7-week-old died from natural causes at this time. He says they are treating the incident with suspicion because, with the Child Death Team, "that's what we're supposed to do."