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      Interstates could become toll roads

      The Obama Administration wants to give states the ability to turn interstates into toll roads.

      This means you could soon be paying to drive on highways like I-75.

      "We should not have to pay a toll to drive," Lois Adams said. "We pay enough taxes as it is."

      The Obama Administration sent this new proposal to Congress this week. It would eliminate the nationwide ban on tolls for existing interstate highways. This would clear the way for all states to raise money on roads that are toll free right now.

      "No way!" Rebecca Conlon said. "I'm from Massachusetts and they've got too many tolls there. Originally they were there to pay for the roads and that was it but now it's just a continuing tax revenue."

      The White House estimates the tolls could provide $87 billion to cover the costs of repairing roads, tunnels, and bridges.

      "When I go to Florida, I have to pay a toll and when I go farther upstate I have to pay a toll," Adams said. "I'm angry but I don't mind it, but around here, no way."

      Governor Nathan Deal's office says as of now it's something not being considered in Georgia.