Interactive teacher in the running to be DCSS Teacher of the Year

Meet the finalist from Robert Cross Middle School / Romney Smith

Mrs. Shanda Morine teaches global studies at Robert Cross Middle School and her students say she's awesome. "She's respectful, she's nice, she's patient with you, and she helps you learn" says 6th grade student Eric Price.

Students use an interactive notebook that includes learning objectives, graphic organizers, definitions, handouts and more. Mrs. Morine says the interactive notebooks helps the students connect to the material. "I think they grasp the learning objectives more than me just passing out handouts. I think they kind of absorb the information better" says Morine.

Robert Cross 6th grader Dallyn Smith says her hard work is paying off. "I used to make bad grades in social studies, but with the interactive notebook I can study into it and then I can make good grades and have 99's and stuff" says Smith.

Multiple students say it's easy to pass tests because Mrs. Morine is passionate, smart, and makes everything relate to them. "I bring in real life situations, so that they can relate to what we're talking about. So as they grow older I'm hoping that they keep that. You know that 'ohhh we learned that in Mrs. Morine's class' " says Morine.

Smith says she's more confident than she's ever been when it comes to global studies testing and that her study techniques cross over into other classes. "Now because I feel like I know everything, I feel like I can pass the test. I can pass it and go onto 7th grade and keep going on and on, but I'll always remember that one teacher that helped me love social studies again" says Smith.