Innovative high school concept proposed in Dougherty County

Members of the school board heard a proposed draft for The Albany College and Career Academy charter school. / Sean Streicher

One look at the proposed charter school draft for the Albany College and Career Academy (ACCA), it becomes clear this isn't your typical high school. The academy is designs to allow students more control of their high school career, in hopes of better preparing them for their future.

At the Academy students can choose to earn college credits while still in high school. They also can earn credits working with local businesses.

If passed, the Albany College and Career Academy will operate out of Albany High School. The charter is taking aim at one of the school districts major problems, that being graduation rates.

The chair of the ACCA steering committee, Bobby McKinney said, "I don't want this to be seen as another band aid to fix something, alright? This is a major change in the way the Dougherty County School District can do business and increase their graduation rate."

The proposed opening date for the charter school is August of 2013; it is now up to the Dougherty County School Board to decide if this will become a reality