Inmates save taxpayers in Crisp County over $400,000

Photo Credit: Franklin White

The Crisp County Sheriff's Office is using their inmates to help to keep the community clean and help you save money.

They're are doing so by allowing inmates to work outside the jail doing such tasks as cutting grass, doing laundry, cleaning the law enforcement center, picking up trash on the roadways and picking up litter in state parks, along with with other tasks.

Inmates work five days a week, about seven hours a day and are rewarded for their services in various ways.

Officials with the Sheriff's Office say by the inmates cleaning the community it saves tax payers about $61,000 a year, with all of the services included totaling a savings of $426,000.

Crisp County Sheriff Billy Hancock says, "I hope to expand this program to include additional teams so that we can clean more areas of our community."