Injuries in afternoon accident off of Old Dawson Road

Truck involved in Sunday afternoon's accident ends up in the ditch. / Ashley Knight

Albany Police Department, Albany Fire Department and EMS were called to the 3600 block of Old Dawson Road when a call came in for a car accident Sunday afternoon.

It happened 4:52 p.m. when Sarah Tran, a woman in her late fifties, was driving a black Lexus SUV traveling west bound on Old Dawson Road and either slowed down or came to a complete stop to turn left onto West Alberson. 38-year-old Eric Sikes of Leesburg was driving a red Chevy Pickup and rear-ended the Lexus, causing it to spin out of control and hit a Toyota Land Cruiser driven by Judith Deriso who was traveling east bound on Old Dawson Road.

Both Sikes and Tran were taken to Phoebe Putney Hospital and charges are pending.

A witness who lives at a nearby house says this is the seventh crash he's seen at this intersection in a year, saying drivers need to exercise caution when on this road.

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