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      Influx of patients in winter months

      Fall and Winter are typically, across the board, the busiest times of the year for emergency rooms.

      At Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital they see a lot of one thing in particular. Todd Braswell, the director of emergency services, says, flu season is well upon us now and we TMre definitely seeing increasing in flu patients. We see a lot more of that, a lot more volume, this time of year.

      Braswell also said it TMs not the holidays themselves that bring in a lot of people but he does say they see a spike in patients in the days following a holiday.

      Tift Regional Medical Center is getting pretty busy as well. Nurse manager, Susie McKay says, we average here in the emergency department about 150 patients a day and that fluctuates, it could go up to 200 and could go down different months throughout the year.

      Both hospitals say they see a lot of non-emergent patients; they stressed that they TMll never turn someone away or refuse to treat them but if they TMre looking to save time they might want to try an urgent care facility.

      McKay said the best thing a person can do if they have health insurance is to see a primary care doctor regularly.

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