Individuals with developmental disabilities aspire for community inclusion

Aspire has programs designated to mental health, developmental disabilities, addictive diseases, and behavioral health./Photo by Sophie Keyes

The nonprofit organization Aspire was created for behavioral health and developmental disability services was just recognized as the second runner-up for Nonprofit of the Year in December. Now in March, it embraces Developmental Disability Awareness Month.

Aspire has three centers dedicated to serving individuals with developmental disabilities. They day center in Dougherty County has over 100 members who benefit from the program.

Individuals are taught how to strive in the community despite their disabilities. Many of the participants also enjoy grasping their art skills everyday.

Employment services, different housing options, and how to participate are all covered at Aspire.

"Individuals with disabilities are people first, and they deserve the right to be a part of their community, just as much as everyone does. We really work on community inclusion and community access so individuals learn how to navigate the community," Individual Rights Coordinator Babs Hall said.

The Early County center received a proclamation from the county commission declaring March Developmental Disability Month. Participants of the program all advocated for the cause, putting their skills learned from the program to good use.

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