Indictments in fatal drive-by shooting involving a baby

Maurice Jimmerson is charged with malice murder and felony murder. / Dougherty County Jail

Four men have been indicted by a Dougherty County Grand Jury on felony murder charges and they could face the death penalty during trial.

Harrell Hicks, Jawaski Kennedy, Maurice Jimmerson, and Desmond Warren are facing 24 counts each, including charges for malice and felony murder.

They're accused of a drive-by shooting on Willard Avenue that left two men dead and several injured.

Officials say a baby was also caught in the line of fire but did not die.

"This could be a potentially death penalty case. Two people were killed outright in this situation on the streets of the city. That's the ultimate punishment available in this particular case," said Greg Edwards, Dougherty County District Attorney.

It will be determined at a later date whether or not the state will seek the death penalty.

Also during Wednesday's grand jury session a woman was indicted in the death of 28-year-old Damian Johnson.

Amber Marie Brown Kelly, an Albany State Student, is charged with three counts of vehicular homicide.

Back in July, Brown was driving with Johnson in the passenger seat when she hit a street sweeper.

The Chevy Impala then crossed a grassy median and stopped after hitting a guard rail.

Damian Johnson was pronounced dead at the scene.

Amber Brown is also indicted for driving under the influence and reckless driving.

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