Incident report released in dog shooting

Patches / Provided by family

The Georgia Department of Corrections has released the incident report in the shooting of Patches on October 7th.

Under the Warden's recommendation and comments, it was said that upon further investigation, it has been determined that Jones responded appropriately in having to discharge his weapon. Had he not taken this action, he could have received serious bodily injury.

According to the summary of the incident, probation officers Antoine Jones and Ronnie Simmons, arrived at 3:09 p.m. at the Loblolly Estates Mobile Home Park in Albany for a field interaction.

Jones knocked on the front door and heard a dog barking, then proceeded to step off of the wooden deck and back down into the yard.

As the owner of the trailer, Sherry Shelton opened the door, a dog (Patches), alleged to be a "cocker spaniel/Jack Russell mix," charged out in an aggressive manner toward Jones.

Jones directed Ms. Shelton to get the dog, and she failed to comply, instead telling Jones that the dog would not bite him.

The dog continued to growl and behave in an aggressive manner towards Jones, so the officer took out his weapon and fired one round into the chest area of the dog. The round entered and exited the dog's body.

The dog then ran away from Jones to the backyard of the trailer.

Jones immediately notified Chief Probation Officer Kimberly Persley and she instructed him to contact the Albany Police Department.

Jones was not injured during the incident, and Persley and Probation Officer Rob Boney arrived at the location within minutes of receiving the call.

Upon arrival at the location, the dog was still lying in the backyard alive according to Persley.

Persley spoke with Ms. Shelton, who advised her that she was concerned because the dog actually belongs to one of her friends, and she did not have all the required paperwork on the dog.

Albany Police Department Officer Richardson responded to the scene and Animal Control (who was also contacted by Richardson) did not arrive until 3:55 p.m.

Medical aid was suggested for the dog, but the owner refused, saying that she did not have money for a veterinarian.

A neighbor attempted to assists by contacting her vet, who agreed to allow Shelton to bring the dog to them for $35, in which they would take a check, hold it for a certain number of days.

She again refused aid for the dog, declined to have the dog taken by Animal Control, and the dog expired at the scene.
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