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      Impromptu pond delays home construction

      One man didn't ask for a pond in his front yard, but he got one after Monday TMs rainfall, causing a delay in the construction of his new home.

      Scott Ricks' future home sits on the lowest-lying area of Byron Plantation Road becoming the drain-off for all of his neighbor's yards, and builders say it's put a damper on their project.

      It TMs one extreme or the other, it's either a drought or it's too much rain so there's not a good balance and we just try to hopefully have something that we can keep going on in the inside to offset the time we lose on the outside," said Mitch Summerell of Summerell Woodworks and Builders.

      Summerell and his team came out to the site Tuesday morning to find tons of water sitting on the lawn. In order to continue working, he called the Dougherty County Public Works who gave them the information needed to combat the problem.

      The impromptu pond is slowly receding, with multiple pumps put in place, but the issue is still so bad Summerell has had to delay deliveries because the trucks can TMt get through the water.

      He thinks it will be another three to four days before the yard starts to look like a yard again, and public works says the longer the water sits, the more of a problem it poses because it then becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

      "We're running max hours, max trucks trying to do aerial spraying and also larviciding during the day time to try to combat this, but every day we get additional water behind what we've treated," said DCPW Director Larry Cook.

      The ongoing battle will continue with more showers in our forecast, but workers hope the pumps will give them enough of a head start so they can finish the home by the end month.

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