Impaired teen titled Monroe Moheskan queen

Alexis Burse stands in line with the Monroe High homecoming court. / Jessica Fairley

Monroe High School held its homecoming coronation Thursday night and among the queens was a special young lady.

Alexis Burse was the first hearing impaired student to be voted onto the homecoming court.

Back in 2012, she was 'Miss Junior' and now this year she's taking home the title of 'Miss Moheskan'.

The senior is representing the Monroe High School yearbook staff.

School officials say the school aims to involve all students so that the student body is well represented.

"The students don't look at her as someone that is different but they include her in all of their activities because the students actually nominated and they voted for her to be Miss Moheskan," said Lawanna Farley, Educator and Homecoming Chair.

After high school Alexis Burse plans to receive training as a cosmetologist.

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