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      If a tree falls on your house, does anyone hear it?

      Trees are often thought of as merely beautiful pieces of nature. However, these towering symbols of life, can cause damage and destruction at any time.

      From storms to insects, the trees around your home are often just seconds away from falling, and you wouldn't even know it.

      "Alot of the time, if it's not storm related, it's just poor health of a tree. From disease or insects, and so the biggest thing is to maintain the health of your tree. If you notice any irregularities, discoloration,damage to the main stem. You might want to have a professional arborist or forester take a look at it," said senior forester Bert Farley.

      And living in Albany, it is extremely important that tree maintenance is kept up on a weekly basis. However the fire department is advising residents that should they trim their trees, do not burn the branches when you are finished.

      "State law says you can burn leaves, and pine straw that you rake on your own yard. But you cannot put limbs in it, you can't take a tree down and burn them. Period," said Fire Chief, James Carswell.

      As the rain continues throughout the year, keep a close eye on the trees around your home. If any of them are showing signs of structural damage, call an expert to make sure that your home is not in any danger.