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      Hurricane season at its peak. Do you need flood insurance?

      Hurricane Earl didn TMt travel toward the Florida Panhandle, but 16 years ago, remnants of Tropical Storm Alberto stalled over Georgia, causing a massive flood in the southwest area of the state.

      "In the middle of the night, the creeks rose too fast on us and actually we were getting people off rooftops, says Albany-Dougherty County Fire Chief James Carswell.

      In 1994, the Flint River was 24 feet above flood level.

      In Americus themselves, they got something like 20-some odd inches of rain in a short period of time, says Carswell.

      Hurricane Earl and the Southwest Georgia floods of 1994 bring up the question, should you get flood insurance to protect your home and valuables?

      If hurricane remnants hit Southwest Georgia, creeks and rivers could flood again. That TMs why some insurance agents say do your research and then consider flood insurance.

      Do I think that flood insurance is the best fit for everyone? No, says Insurance Agent Jay Kimbro.

      Both Carswell and Kimbro say flood insurance is based on each individual TMs location.

      For somebody that just has a general concern, which I think is very commendable, I would advise them to do some research, see where the property is located in relation to flood zones, says Kimbro.

      Flood zone information, elevation certificates and databases are available at any insurance company. Flood insurance rates are the same at every company because the government determines the price and helps with the insurance.

      Some flood insurance policies have a binding restriction meaning if a storm is on the way, you can TMt buy insurance. Flood insurance is something to research before a storm strikes.