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      Hunters take the field for dove season

      Thousands of hunters across the state of Georgia are going to be gearing up for dove hunting season's kickoff on Saturday, and Department of Natural Resources Rangers are asking hunters to follow the rules and regulations to ensure everyone's safety.While no one is required to wear any kind of safety equipment, anyone under the age of 12 has to be supervised with a parent. Regardless of age, anyone who's shooting a gun must be properly registered and have the documentation on them.Most hunters will try and set up near a pivot, but DNR Ranger Randy James says one of the biggest things his department stresses is to not shoot at low-flying birds because you have a chance of hitting someone you may not be able to see.To legally hunt, the field a hunter is on can't have bait on it, meaning the corn or peanuts must be leftover from a harvest and not put there to attract the doves.While hunting, it's important to remember the 15 dove limit per person per day. James says this is enforced because game birds are important for the environment and hunting them too much can endanger them.If a hunter is caught violating any of these rules they'll be issued a citation, and the fines are vary depending on which county you're in.

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